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                         Chris undertakes client commissions for all occasions. Birthday's, engagements, weddings, graduations and anniversary's are typical points of celebration. Corporate and valedictory items are also part of his working repertoire. After making initial contact with Chris an appointment can be made to discuss your requirements. Chris undertakes design sketches for client's and sources the relevant gems and materials for the commission. The client is guided through the design and selection process and their feedback and input is incorporated into the determination of the design. A quotation on the final cost and a completion date can now be established. A deposit of 50% of the quoted price is required for commencement of the client brief. Final payment is on completion and delivery of the work.


Large objects and commissions that require major design input from clients require more time. Chris has an excellent record at meeting deadlines.

As he specializes in bespoke items he asks that individuals are realistic about both the time and cost of production of this type of work.


Chris has some 'ready made' gifts available. His work is available from the stockists listed on this website.





                        Chris will undertake the remodelling and repair of some jewellery. He can advise you of the costs associated with repairs and whether they are worth undertaking. Generally he undertakes this type of work for established clients. Remodelling can be done if the materials provided are suitable for the making of a quality item, again, he can provide you with advice.



                       Chris offers specialist jewellery tuition. Please contact him to discuss the areas in which you wish to further develop skills.

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